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Auto Injury
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Auto Injury

Car accidents can be a scary thing to deal with, and no doubt their are a million things running through your mind. Is everyone ok? Is my car fine? How much is this gonna cost me? How will I get to work now? With so much going on it can be easy to overlook things like the pain you're experiencing.

Although you may be feeling ok, symptoms may not even begin until a few days or even a week later. During that time it is VERY important that you see a Chiropractor and in many cases an attorney. Together they will get you the care and coverage deserve to not only get your car fixed but to make sure you don't sustain any long lasting injuries.

Never settle a case before you have been properly checked out by a Chiropractor. The last thing you want is for a small injury to debilitate you down the road because you settled too early, leaving you high and dry.

  1. Without treatment your case is weakened because it looks like you're not hurt

  2. Waiting too long reduces your chances to get your Medical Bills covered

  3. Getting treatment can prevent long term health consequences they may not develop untill down the road if left untreated. 

  4. In many cases your symptoms may not show up right away, but appear later

  5. Call us Today and let Dr. Urbanc help you get your health and life back

Don't Let Auto Accidents Slow You Down

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